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11 October: Finish TFA (Sub)


I can explore Big Ideas throughout Things Fall Apart and read to explore the novel’s themes, analyze tone, and evaluate the author’s point of view throughout the novel (RL 1, 2, & 5).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab your laptop and log in to our Google Classroom. Today we will finish reading Things Fall Apart together. Follow along with your book as you listen to the audio of our final chapters with the class (click here) and answer today’s reading questions in the digital assignment posted to Google Classroom (today’s questions are not optional for participation points). Finishing the book will take about 35 minutes.

What’s Going On:

After you finish the book with the class, to help you pull your ideas together regarding the novel, I have posted the EdPuzzle video for part two of the novel in Google Classroom. This will count as a listening assessment grade (and can replace your previous score) and must be completed before we meet for our next class session.

The information in the video is meant to help you understand the events in the book and help you in moving toward exploring a theme of the novel for our next essay.

Exit Task:

Turn your work in and clean up around you.


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