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12 January: “The Stolen Revolution” & Persepolis (72-79)


Drawing evidence from two texts, I can explain the impact of the Iranian Revolution on women’s rights, and how women resisted these changes (RI 2 & 3).

Entry Task:

As you come in, grab your notebook and a packet off the front table.

We will begin together by reading through an article called “The Stolen Revolution.” As you read along, consider the different ways women resisted and fought back during the revolution. After reading, complete the chart on your work with evidence from the article.

What’s Going On:

Continue your work filling in your chart by pulling evidence from Persepolis, pages 72-79. Complete the remaining work and turn it into the bin.

Exit Task:

We will spend the last few minutes of class playing a round of Blooket with our unit vocabulary.


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