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12 September: Career Slideshow Work Day


I can explore career options I may be interested in pursuing after high school through basic research and formal writing (W 4, 7, & 9).

Entry Task:

As you come in, grab your binder, turn to your project overview sheet, and also login to Google Classroom. We will begin today by reviewing the slideshow requirements by running through your template together.

What’s Going On:

Today is yours to work on the slideshow component of your Career Research & Interview Presentation. Reference the rubric often to ensure you complete your best work.

If you have not yet sent a private comment on our Career Search & Quickwrite assignment to show me you know how to create your citations or if there were errors, I will be coming around to check in with you.

Exit Task:

Find a good pausing point for your work today. Be sure to add any used webpages to your slideshow notes to be able to make citations!

On your project overview sheet in your binder, write a short reflection of your work in the Day 1 box. Put your binders away and clean up around you. Tomorrow, we will start by revisiting your quickwrites to revise before adding to your slideshow.


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