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13 January: Iran EdPuzzle & CCC Review


Drawing evidence from texts, I can explain how specific incidents impact and reveal aspects of characters, and describe how authors communicate this through text and images (RL/RI 3 & 5).

Entry Task:

As you come in, login to Google Classroom and click today’s EdPuzzle assignment. We will start together with this listening assessment.

What’s Going On:

The Persepolis work completed so far will be returned to you, including your selected CCC write. Together, we will discuss overall strengths and areas of growth I saw in your writing. Then spend some time overviewing the individual feedback left for you.

Use your score and feedback to improve your next CCC write in the Persepolis pages 47-71 packet. Turn this one in for an assessment grade.

Exit Task:

If you have finished your work early, an extension assignment has been posted to Google Classroom to have you explore character reactions to the Black Friday Massacre.


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