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13 October: TFA Theme & Quote Connections


I can also use author interviews to make connections to a piece of literature and the world as a whole (SL 1 & RL/RI 3).

Entry Task:

As you come into class prepare to play a round of Blooket to practice our unit vocabulary. Once we are done, put all of your belongings away other than a writing utensil and grab a theme connections sheet off the front table.

What’s Going On:

Start by individually reading through the theme statements on your sheet. Remember, theme statements are often arguable; share whether you agree or disagree with each statement with a short explanation.

On the back, select the theme statement you see as being the most relevant to the novel Things Fall Apart. You will then meet with a group who selected the same statement; discuss and take notes with the group:

  • Does the novel prove the statement true or false and how?

  • What specific moments from the novel relate to this theme?

The class will now be split into five groups and each group will get three quotes (one from the beginning, middle, and end of the novel).

With your group, start by reading through the quotes and writing any related Big Ideas in large letters above each quote:

  • Identity

  • Community

  • Ambition

  • Culture

  • Hate

  • Fear

Next, choose at least one quote to focus on with your group to answer the following analysis prompts:

  • Underline words within the quote that relate to one of the identified Big Ideas (also underline the selected Big Idea word at the top if you listed more than one).

  • Explain how the context of the quote relates to the Big Idea on the poster beside the quote (provide details from the plot of the novel).

  • Explain how at least one of the identified devices or techniques identified under the quote is being used. Consider:

    • How is the device or technique typically used?

    • Why is the author using the device or technique in this example?

    • What does this device or technique reveal or add for the reader?

Finally, spend time viewing all of the quotes posted, and return to your original theme connections sheet. Write the number of any quotes you can connect to the theme statement you previously analyzed.

Exit Task:

Consider the example theme statements and your takeaways from the novel and write your own theme statement based on any big idea you saw throughout the novel.


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