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13 September: Annotation & Story 1


I can listen and understand the benefits of text annotation, and I will begin to annotate and analyze a short story to expand my worldview using fictional experiences (RL 1/2).

Entry Task:

As you come in, grab your notebook and get settled in your seat ready to play a Blooket with our unit vocabulary.

What’s Going On:

Today we will continue to expand our view of what it means to be American by using short stories written by minority American authors. We will start by overviewing a necessary skill for this class and ultimately a tool to help you build your skills as a reader: annotation. Together, we will overview our annotation anchors. Keep this sheet in the resources section of your binder to use often!

You will then select your first short story to continue expanding your views. It is very important to make a choice that is right for you as a student. Keep in mind your comfort level and maturity with challenging topics and language and your personal interests when you make your selection.

As you read your first story selection, annotate your reading with the colors included on your annotation anchors chart and return to the text to answer the reading questions.

Exit Task:

Add your packets to your binder to return to for completion and discussion tomorrow. We will end class today by going around the room sharing your story choice and whether or not you would recommend the story to others for their second choice.


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