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14 September: Discussion & Story 2


I can expand my worldview using fictional and real-life experiences to explore how others experience being American by discussing my first story selection with a small group and making a second selection (SL 1 & RL 1/2).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab your binder, work from yesterday, and take a seat in any open chair. The first 15ish minutes of class are yours to finalize your work on your first story selection.

What’s Going On:

You will be placed in a small group to discuss your first story selection. Before we begin, complete the pre-discussion assessment on your sheet.

With your group, move through the discussion questions and make notes on the discussion within your group. After your discussion, self-assess your work with your group, complete the reflection, and turn in your work.

After your group discussions, consider the information shared about the stories from other groups and make your second story selection.

Exit Task:

You have the rest of class to read, annotate, and begin the reading questions for your second story selection.

At the end of the period, add your packets to your binder to return to for completion and discussion tomorrow.


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