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14 September: Resume Reviews


I can use technology to find job postings in my selected career, overview the features of a good resume, and begin to build a resume specifically for my found job posting (W 4, 6, & 7).

Entry Task:

As you come in, see me to learn what group number you will be placed in for our first activity.

Once you get settled with your group, you will have a selection of resume examples to review. Look through these and discuss what you think the strengths and weaknesses of each are and decide which application you would call for an interview for a position of server at a new pizza parlor in Cheney. Be ready to share your reasons for your selection.

What’s Going On:

Today we will discuss the features of a good resume. Together, we will read through this short article and complete an Edpuzzle.

Then you will use our previously used website to find a real job posting in your selected career. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Week 3 Tuesday assignment in Google Classroom

  2. Use the link in your career card to get back to the page with information about your selected career (if you switched careers, search for your focus career now)

  3. In the Job Outlook section, click Find Jobs

  4. Select a state and choose ZipRecruiter as your Source, click Go

  5. Look through the job postings (you may need to change or remove your location to widen your search

  6. Select one of the job postings to focus on and copy it into your Google Classroom assignment

To have more things to add to your professional resume, we will roll dice for resume extras.

Exit Task:

Make sure you have at least selected a resume template to use and attached it to the Google Classroom assignment. Find a good pausing point on your work because you will have more time to complete this tomorrow. We will also discuss next week’s presentations!

Add today’s handouts to the back of your binder and spend a few moments cleaning up around you.


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