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15 December: Research Journey Reflection

What’s Going On:

Today is yours to continue your work on your Poetry Research Journey.

If you are on track, your focus today should be your final reflection. This slide features a multi-paragraph reflection on your poems sharing what new meaning you see after your research. Include what you think is the overall meaning of the poem(s), what in the poem makes you feel this way, and what from your research contributed to your understanding of the poem (slide 9).

Exit Task:

Find a good pausing point for the day and use the Google Classroom private comments to send me a message with what you still need to accomplish on your project and if you would like my help tomorrow (this will count for your participation grade today, so please be sure to message me!)

Next class meeting, we will start with our vocabulary quiz, and the remaining time will be yours to finalize and self-assess your project.


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