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15 September: Finalize Stories & Discussions


I can expand my worldview using fictional and real-life experiences to explore how others experience being American by discussing my first story selection with a small group and making a second selection (SL 1 & RL 1/2).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab your binder, and your work from yesterday. Then prepare to play a round of Blooket to focus on our unit vocabulary.

After our game, you will have a portion of our class time to finalize your work for your second story selection before being placed in a group to discuss.

What’s Going On:

You will be placed in a small group to discuss your second story selection. Before being placed into your group, self-assess your readiness to work with your group using the Pre-Work Self-Assessment Rubric on your sheet.

Move through the discussion questions and make notes on the discussion within your group. After your discussion, self-assess your work with your group, complete the reflection, and turn in your work.

Exit Task:

We will end class today by going around the room sharing your story choice and whether or not you would recommend the story to others to read. While you are not going to be required to read a third short story option, you can choose to! Doing so would give you more material to consider for our unit essay. You also have poem options you can complete for an extension assignment.


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