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15 September: Intervention & Resume Reviews


I can use my time wisely to catch up on needed work, and I can use technology to find job postings in my selected career, overview the features of a good resume, and begin to build a resume specifically for my found job posting (W 4, 6, & 7).

Entry Task:

As you come in, take a seat where you can focus as an individual. If you can not make a choice that is right for you and those around you, the choice will be made for you in the future.

What’s Going On:

Today we will divide and conquer! I will be meeting with some of you to provide you with a focus task to get caught up on required work and to be ready for presentations next week.

The rest of us will then move forward with the work we began yesterday:

Start by pasting in a real job posting in your selected career field into the Google Classroom assignment. We will then discuss how you will use this posting to write a targeted resume and roll dice for resume extras.

Exit Task:

Do your best to consider the features of a good resume to compile a targeted resume for this job posting. Turn in this resume for an extra credit assignment!


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