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16 November: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings


I can pull textual evidence to support my analysis of a text and write to explain how the stylistic choices made by the author highlight big ideas (RL 1, 2, & 4).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, take out your Magical Realism notes from yesterday.

What’s Going On:

Today is yours to finalize our unit readings. You will access our final story through CommonLit. Take your time answering the Guided Reading questions to make sure you are understanding the story as you read. Then answer the Assessment Questions through CommonLit and finalize your work by answering the questions on your sheet. This is either clipped in the back of your binder from yesterday or there are more copies available on the front table.

**If the link posted in Google Classroom does not take you to the assignment, log in to by pressing the Sign In with Google button, and you will see the story posted in your assignments.

Exit Task:

Use any remaining class time to check your progress in Skyward. Tomorrow, you will select a second story to write your second essential writing on.


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