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20 January: Persepolis (143-153)


I can determine themes in Persepolis and explain how Satrapi develops them in the text (RL/RI 2).

Entry Task:

As you come in, prepare to play a short round of Blooket with our vocabulary. Our test on these words is on Tuesday.

What’s Going On:

Today we will finish our reading of Persepolis focusing on pages 143-153.

Once you are done reading, complete any of the packets from this week and choose one writing prompt to write a full CCC on. Please circle your name on the packet with your choice CCC and turn all these into the bin.

This week's packs:

  • Persepolis 80-93

  • Persepolis 94-125

  • Perspolis 126-142

  • Persepolis 143-153

Exit Task:

Once you are done, turn your work into the bin. Use any remaining class time to complete any missing or redo work; you may also focus on vocabulary study or complete the extension work posted in Google Classroom.


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