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21 October: Intervention/ Extension Day


I can explore Big Ideas throughout Things Fall Apart and read for comprehension and to pull textual evidence to explore the novel’s themes (RL 1/2). I can also use my time wisely to finalize any needed work or extend on my learning in class.

What’s Going On:

Today is yours to use as a work day to make sure you are ready to move on to our next unit next week.

The following required activities are listed in the order they need to be completed and submitted. Any required work not completed in class you are expected to submit on your own time. Once all required work is done, make a selection from the other options to complete with remaining class time:

  • REQUIRED: TFA Thematic Analysis Essay (Google Classroom- Week 8)

  • REQUIRED: TFA Unit Vocabulary Quiz (Google Classroom- Week 8)

  • Check Skyward and work on missing/redo work

  • Complete comprehension minutes in Lexia (login to

  • Complete an extension CommonLit reading (Google Classroom: Week 5)

Exit Task:

At the end of the day, complete the intervention/extension reflection for today’s participation points. Turn this into the bin at the front of the room.


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