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21 September: Presentations & CCC Writing


I can formally present information related to my selected career as part of a panel interview (SL 5 & 6).

I can write using the CCC structure to support a claim with textual evidence (W 9 & L 1/2).

Entry Task:

As you come in, sit in a seat where you can be a respectful audience member for today’s presentations. If you are called on to be a panel member, you will be assessing another student’s presentation; all students are expected (and graded) to be respectful audience members by listening and staying off electronic devices.

What’s Going On:

After today’s presentation, the time is yours to finalize your CCC write posted in Google Classroom. Yesterday, we overviewed the format; you can see the handout and presentation posted in Google Classroom if you need reminders.

Also check that your career slideshow is finalized and turned in. I will be grading these as you are working today; I am also available to help you with any questions about your work.

Exit Task:

Spend a few minutes cleaning up around you and consider checking your grade in Skyward.


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