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27 September: Interconnection CCC


I can review the CCC writing structure, reflect on my previous writing, and write about a new prompt using the structure (W 4 & 9).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, prepare to play a round of Booket to focus on vocabulary list 1.

After our game, grab your binder and turn to your CCC writing notes in the resources section. Login to our Google Classroom to view your first CCC writing score; in a private comment on the previous assignment (Week 4 Tuesday/Wednesday), share one specific thing you could have done better on this CCC write-- (3 points)

What’s Going On:

Today we will overview Claim Cite Clarify writing. Remember, this structure of writing is one we will consistently use throughout our course and is one of our major assessments. As a helpful tool, add the Quote Hamburger document to the resources section of your binder.

For our next CCC write, together we will read Andrea Blanco and Carly Stern’s article about students protesting school dress codes, and answer the prompt using the CCC structure:

How do the students' actions relate to at least one of our unit themes?

  • Interconnectedness & Power: When individuals unify, they collectively have more power to achieve goals than they otherwise would if they were working to achieve them alone.

  • Justice, Resistance, & Rebellion: Rebelling against the norm and resisting what is unjust, is ultimately necessary to stand up for what is right, even if one is alone in the fight.

  • Altruism & Selflessness: To be truly altruistic, one must think beyond themselves and outside of themselves, responding to what is in the best interest of others even to their own detriment.

Exit Task:

Read through your CCC write and self-assess using the rubric before turning your work into the bin.


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