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28 November: Genres Review & Introduce Unit Finals


I can review elements of a variety of genres to prepare and plan for our unit project.

Entry Task:

As you come into class, prepare to play a round of Blooket. Our unit vocabulary test will be later this week.

What’s Going On:

To prepare for our unit finals, we will spend a few minutes working with a group to analyze images for elements of focus genres. To be a helpful member of your group, be sure to have your binder with your genre notes available to review the elements of each genre.

  1. With your group, sort the images into each of our focus genres.

  2. Once all your images are sorted, select one image your group thinks represents each genre best. Write all your group member names on the back of each image and as many elements of the genre you see in the image.

  3. Select two images your group selected to share with the class.

After sharing your genre connections, we will go over the unit finals: Exploring Genres & Humanity Presentation and 30-Second Speech. Follow along as I go over each of the tasks using the presentation template and the rubrics.

Exit Task:

Select which genre you will be focusing on for your unit final and complete your title slide. You will also sign up for your speeches using the document posted in Google Classroom.


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