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28 October: CCC Peer Analysis


I can analyze how word choice and structure impact meaning in texts and analyze how texts address various themes (RI 2 & 4).

Entry Task:

Log in to our Google Classroom to complete the vocabulary check-in. You will see your results immediately; return to your vocabulary list in your notebook and circle any of the words you missed to know where to focus before the quiz.

What’s Going On:

Today a peer will analyze your writing. I will gather your work to trade your written response to Nobody with a classmate.

Your peer will return your work to you for you to read through their feedback and make sure you have made a clear claim, used evidence from the text, and included commentary to relate the evidence with your answer to the response. Take time to make any needed changes to your response then turn in the pages with your response and peer analysis for feedback, and put your annotated text in your notebook behind your unit tab.

Exit Task:

Use any remaining time to complete any needed work or individually study your vocabulary.


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