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29 September: Introduction to Annotation & Thoreau Close Reading


I can focus on improving my annotation skills to read and analyze a challenging text (RI 1/2).

Entry Task:

Today we will focus on a necessary skill for this class and ultimately a tool to help you build your skills as a reader: annotation. Together we will complete the EdPuzzle on annotation; log in to Google Classroom and click the link to today’s first assignment; once you are ready to go, you will see a screen that says “Waiting for teacher to go live.”

What’s Going On:

I will then model close reading with a challenging text. As academic readers, it is important to slow down, interact with the text, and process to build our skills and truly understand what we are reading.

Get a packet, and together we will read Henry Davis Thoreau’s essay “Resistance to Civil Government.” Carefully follow along as I read through the text and guide you through your reading tasks including exploring topics of civil disobedience and the use of rhetorical appeals. Be sure to annotate the text as we go.

Exit Task:

We will find a good pausing point today if we have not made it through the full reading. Place your packet in your learning notebook behind your Interconnectedness unit tab.

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