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3 January: Goals & Mid-Point Review


I can spend time reviewing the plot and big ideas related to the novel we are currently reading.

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab a notecard off the front table. Today we will continue our final unit and spend some time reviewing our novel so far. Use the first few minutes of class to reflect and set goals. On your notecard, write the following:

  • Name

  • Current grade

  • Do you think this grade is an accurate representation of your skills and effort in this class? (If not, share why you believe this.)

  • Goal Grade: What grade will you work to end the term with?

  • What do you need to do to earn this goal grade? (makeup work, retakes, get my help, focus on the final unit, etc.)

What’s Going On:

Today we will complete a variety of activities to review what we have read so far in Station Eleven. We will start with a series of speed questioning. You will be divided into two groups: A and B. Once divided, sit in a chair across from a member of the opposite group. Each of you will be given a sheet of questions to answer together; take turns asking questions, and skip any questions neither of you knows the answer to. A trick to this activity is you will only be with your partner for a short period of time before you get a new partner and not all sheets have all the questions. We will quickly overview the answers to all of the questions at the end of the activity.

After this activity, choose a partner to select and complete a word grid with. Use the space around your block of words to make connections to our novel. Connections can be to events, characters, interpretations, or anything having to do with our book; they should not be personal connections. Make at least one connection per word in your grid.

Exit Task:

Once you are done with your word grid, tape it to the front board and spend some time viewing word grids from other teams to help you make more connections and review our novel. Spend the last few minutes of class cleaning up around you. If time permits, we will also play a round of Blooket to review our course vocabulary. We will continue our book tomorrow!


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