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3 November: CommonLit & CCC Focus


I can analyze how the writer's use of stylistic elements contributes to a work of literature's effects and meaning and how complex characters (e.g., those with multiple or conflicting motivations) develop over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the plot or develop the theme (RL 3 & L 3).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab your binder and prepare to play a round of Blooket to study for our upcoming quiz.

What’s Going On:

After today’s Blooket, you will have a CommonLit reading assessment on a short poem. As you read, consider how the poem’s version of what it means to be a nobody stands in contrast to our other unit texts.

The remaining class time is yours to finalize your CCC writes on “Superman and Me” and “Imitation.” Once you have a draft of your writings, I encourage you to trade papers with a classmate to complete a peer analysis; use their feedback to improve your writing before submitting it for feedback.

Exit Task:

Carefully separate your packets; keep the annotated reading of our unit texts clipped into your binder and turn your writing into the bin.


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