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3 October: Gandhi Close Reading


I can improve my annotation skills and write to analyze a challenging text by exploring how the author uses rhetoric using textual evidence to support my claims (L 3 & RI 1/2).

Entry Task:

Grab your binder and a Vocabulary list 2 handout off the front table. Use your handout with this presentation to introduce Vocabulary list 2. Keep this sheet in the vocabulary section of your binder.

What’s Going On:

Today we will continue using our close reading skills. We will annotate a speech by Mahatma Gandhi, who was inspired by Thoreau’s work. Together we will watch this video for some background on Gandhi, and then we will closely read “On Nonviolent Resistance.” Be sure to have a yellow, green, and blue colored pencil and annotate with your own responses and use the guiding prompts.

Exit Task:

Read through your annotations and complete the analytical summary using the guided CCC format. Turn this in for feedback and clean up around you.


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