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30 September: Vocabulary Check & Intervention/ Extension


I can focus on improving my annotation skills to read and analyze a challenging text and assess my growing knowledge of vocabulary (RI 1/2 & L3).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, prepare to play a quick round of Blooket to review our vocab words before today's check-in.

After our game, log in to our Google Classroom to complete the vocabulary check-in. You will see your results immediately; return to your vocabulary list in your notebook and circle any of the words you missed to know where to focus before the quiz.

What’s Going On:

Today you have time to finalize your work on Henry David Thoreau’s essay “Resistance to Civil Government.” Together we will quickly discuss the expectations for the end writing portion, and then you may continue your work wherever you left off yesterday.

Exit Task:

The remaining class time is our weekly intervention/extension time; choose between the following activities to work on for the remainder of our class time:

  • Work on missing/redo work (includes finalizing Thoreau work)

  • Complete comprehension minutes in Lexia (login to

  • Complete an extension CommonLit reading (posted in Google Classroom: week 5)

At the end of the day, complete the intervention/extension reflection for today’s participation points. Turn this into the bin at the front of the room.


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