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31 August: First Day!


I will be introduced to this course as a whole to help form my personal purposes for taking the course, begin to set goals for myself, and build my learning community.

Entry Task:

Welcome! As you come in, be sure all cell phones are silenced and stored away, and grab a notecard and a course introduction packet. Sit where you can see, hear, and focus then take some time to introduce yourself to two classmates near your selected seat.

What’s Going On:

Today we will go over the basics of this course using your packet and your notecard and by following along with this presentation. Once we are done, I will collect your notecard, and you will keep your packet to get signed by a family member and return to me.

Your annotated course information sheet will be the first page of your new class binder. At the front of the room, grab a binder and a small slip of paper. Write your name on the slip and slide it into the spine and clip your sheet into the front of the binder. Next class meeting, we will discuss how your class binders will be used.

For now, neatly put your notebook away; there is a location in the classroom for you to keep your binder. Remember, if you ever choose to take your binder with you, you are expected to have it with you in class each day.

Exit Task:

To end the day, we will work to get to know each other.


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