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31 October: CCC Review


I can focus on growing knowledge of vocabulary and making connections to our unit themes (L 3 & RI 2).

Entry Task:

At the end of this week, we will have our second vocabulary quiz covering the terms on lists 3 and 4. Your first task today is to prepare by focusing on your current skills regarding these words and working to improve upon those skills. Use the first 20ish minutes of class to login to our Google Classroom to complete the posted Quiz 2 Vocabulary practice.

What’s Going On:

After completing the vocabulary practice, we will return to our unit by focusing on Claim, Cite, Clarify writing. You previously completed your Nobody CCC write; this was one of your first unguided CCCs. Together, we will go over strengths and weaknesses I have seen in your writing. Follow along with this presentation to complete your notes.

You will then get your Nobody work back. It does not have a grade or comments at this time. Use your notes and our conversation to review your own work, and reflect on your work. Rather than your CCC being graded as an assessment, it will be a participation assignment, and this reflection will be your assessment, so be thorough, thoughtful, and honest.

Exit Task:

Use any remaining class time independently studying our vocabulary using the Blooket link posted to Google Classroom or completing any missing or redo work.


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