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31 October: Style Notes & Introduction to Kafka


I can explore nonfiction texts to begin to make inferences about an author’s choices in their work, and I can pull textual evidence to support my analysis of a text and read to understand the stylistic choices made by the author (RI/RL 1 & 4).

Entry Task:

Grab your binder and a notes sheet off the front table.

As we examine our unit question, we will focus on how it is explored in different genres of fiction. You will be asked to analyze the literature not just for the author’s message about humanity, but also for their use of a particular genre to develop that message. To be able to do this, we will need to highlight characteristics of these different genres to understand their style. We will continue our work today by taking notes on various stylistic elements. Add your notes to your notebook and complete them by following along with this presentation.

What’s Going On:

As we switch gears, grab a yellow and blue colored pencil and a packet off the table. This week we will focus on the Absurdist novella: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. We will begin with some background on Kafka to help us better understand his style. Follow along as we read the short biography and work through the style questions.

Exit Task:

Consider the final translation questions in your Introduction to Kafka. Thoughtfully share your opinions on the questions and turn your work into the bin.


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