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4 November: Metamorphosis Discussion & Intervention/ Extension Time


I can reflect on my reading and make personal connections to big ideas within the text. I can also discuss these connections and evidence from the text with my classmates (RL 2 & SL 1).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab a discussion pack off the front table and complete the first page.

After you have time to explore the statements as they relate to you personally, you will be placed into a group to discuss how the statements are supported and refuted within Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Before you begin your discussion with your group, self-assess your readiness to work with your group using the Pre-Discussion Self-Assessment Rubric. Use this time with your group to clarify and expand upon your understanding of the text.

After your discussions and share outs with the full class, self-assess how you worked with your group.

What’s Going On:

The remaining class time is our weekly intervention/extension time.

The following required activities are listed in the order they need to be completed and submitted. Any required work not completed in class you are expected to submit on your own time. Once all required work is done, make a selection from the other options to complete with the remaining class time:

  • REQUIRED: Absurdism CCC (Google Classroom- Week 9)

  • REQUIRED: Humanity Quickwrite (Google Classroom- Week 9)

  • REQUIRED: Metamorphosis parts I, II, & III (Google Classroom- Week 10)

  • Check Skyward and work on missing/redo work

  • Complete comprehension minutes in Lexia (login to

  • Complete an extension CommonLit reading (posted in Google Classroom: Week 9)

Exit Task:

At the end of the day, complete the intervention/extension reflection for today’s participation points. Turn this into the bin at the front of the room.


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