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6 January: Intervention/ Extension Time


I can determine the central idea of both a text article and a video and explain how the author/speaker develops each and responds to conflicting viewpoints (RI 2 & 6)

Entry Task:

As you come into class, prepare to play a round of Blooket to study our unit vocabulary.

After our game, we will head down to the library to check out copies of our unit text. We will start this next week.

What’s Going On:

I will return your hijab CCC writes. I have provided you feedback and a score. Take some time to review the feedback and make any needed edits and revisions. Type your final version in the posted Google Classroom assignment.

This CCC will go into Skyward as an assessment score using the lowest score on your rubric.

Exit Task:

Use any remaining class time to check Skyward and complete any missing or redo work. If you finish early, an extension CommonLit reading has been posted to Google Classroom: What the New Ms. Marvel Means for Muslims in Comics.


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