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11 October: Work Day (Sub)

Entry Task:

Please take out your laptop and log into our Google Classroom. Also, find a place where you can focus and work independently.

What’s Going On:

Unfortunately, my son is still sick, but fortunately for many of you, that means you have a work day to be prepared for tomorrow. Most of you have not completed work previously assigned to you and are not ready to move on to our unit essay.

Use today to complete the following in the listed order:

  1. Type up two CCC selections in the Week 6: Thursday post in Google Classroom (getting this submitted by the end of the class period will be your last opportunity to get feedback from me before your essay which is a major part of your term grade).

  2. Unit Theme Connections in the Week 7: Monday 2 post in Google Classroom

  3. Quiz 1 Vocabulary practice in the Week 7: Monday 1 post in Google Classroom (your first quiz is Thursday)

  4. Check Skyward for any missing or redo work (you can find all of our assignments in Google Classroom and progress reports will be sent next week)

  5. Anyone interested may complete extension activities listed in Weeks 6 and 5 (these are optional assignments to further show your skills)

Exit Task:

Use any remaining class time independently studying our unit vocabulary using the Blooket link posted to Google Classroom or completing any missing or redo work.


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