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12 September: Quickwrite Revisit & TAL Podcast


I can revisit my writing to apply feedback to improve my writing by focusing on content and conventions (W4). I can continue to expand my worldview using real-life experiences to explore how others experience being American (RI 1/2).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab a half-sheet handout and a colored pencil. Individually go through with your color to fix the grammatical errors found in the excerpt on the sheet. Be prepared to share.

After going over the excerpt, and discussing some common grammar errors I have seen in your writing so far, I will return your Being American Quickwrite with feedback. Rewrites are due Friday and will be a writing assessment grade. You have some time to view your feedback today before we move on to our focus activity for the day.

What’s Going On:

We will begin to expand on our single story of what it means to be American using literature! Our focus today is an episode of the This American Life podcast called “Essay Topic B.” Your task is to listen and respond to prompts about the prologue of the episode (about 15 minutes). As you listen, follow along, annotate the transcript, and respond to the listening questions.

Once we are done listening, answer the remaining questions in complete, detailed sentences.

Exit Task:

If you are interested in the remainder of the podcast episode, you have your first optional extension assignment included in today’s work. Extension assignments are a great way to expand your learning on topics that interest you and have the potential to boost your grade.


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