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13 September: Quickwrite Revisit & Slideshow Work Day


I can explore career options I may be interested in pursuing after high school through basic research and formal writing (W 4, 7, & 9).

Entry Task:

As you come in, grab your binder, a colored pencil, and a half-sheet worksheet off the front table. Read through the paragraph on your paper while correcting any grammar errors you find with your colored pencil. Be prepared to share the errors you found.

What’s Going On:

Today we will revisit your career quickwrites you previously wrote. I have given each of you feedback to improve your writing. Make any edits and revisions before moving your writing into your slideshow (slide 7). Be sure to reference the rubric and notice this one slide has its own rubric section making it a large component of your assessment grade.

The rest of the day is yours to work on the slideshow component of your Career Research & Interview Presentation. Reference the rubric often to ensure you complete your best work.

Exit Task:

Today is our final in-class day to work on your slideshow, so use your project overview sheet in your binder to write a list of any needed work you still need to complete outside of class before you present next week.


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