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18 November: Intervention/ Extension Day


I can synthesize ideas from multiple texts and explain how the texts may convey different perspectives on a common theme or idea in my writing (RI/RL 2).

Entry Task:

We will play a short Blooket before today's vocabulary check-in.

Log in to our Google Classroom to complete the vocabulary check-in. You will see your results immediately; return to your vocabulary list in your notebook and circle any of the words you missed to know where to focus before the quiz.

What’s Going On:

After you finalize your essay, submit it through Google Classroom.

The remaining class time is our weekly intervention/extension time; choose between the following activities to work on for the remainder of our class time:

  • Check Skyward for any missing or redo work

  • Complete an extension writing assignment using Nobody: In a well-developed paragraph, analyze how Marc Lamont Hill uses rhetorical devices to define a nobody. (Google Classroom: Week 9)

  • Complete an extension assessment of the poem from our previous CommonLit (Google Classroom: Week 10)

  • Complete an extension reading assignment (Google Classroom: Week 10)

Exit Task:

Please spend the last few minutes of class checking your progress in Skyward. As we are now finishing up our unit, a progress report will be sent to your families soon.


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