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19 October: Unit Vocabulary & TFA Theme Analysis Essay


I can assess my knowledge of unit terms, and I can write a detailed, analytical essay exploring a universal theme within a novel (L3, RL 2, & W4).

Entry Task:

As you come in, clear your desks of everything except your laptop. Log in to our Google Classroom to complete your unit vocabulary quiz.

What’s Going On:

The remaining class time is yours to finalize your essay. Use this checklist as a guide for completing your best work.

Before submitting your essay return to your prompt overview to make sure you have remained focused on your thesis and self-assess your essay using the rubric.

If you finish with class time remaining, work on the following:

  • Check Skyward and work on missing/redo work

  • Complete comprehension minutes in Lexia (login to

  • Complete an extension CommonLit reading (Google Classroom: Week 5)

Exit Task:

Spend time cleaning up around you and make sure you have submitted any needed work. We will start our next unit tomorrow.


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