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19 September: Guided CommonLit


I can work with my classmates to apply my close reading skills to a short text and discuss how these skills help build reading skills (RI 1/2)

Entry Task:

As you come in, discuss with a neighbor your previous experiences reading in school. What helps you as a reader and what challenges you? Be prepared to share.

What’s Going On:

Throughout this course, we will use CommonLit as a reading tool and as a way to assess your reading skills. Today, we will overview the program and read through our first CommonLit text together.

After we read and answer the guiding questions together, we will also talk through the assessment questions together. This activity is practice for your first individual CommonLit reading assessment later this week and will give you a little buffer grade too.

Exit Task:

The remaining class time is yours to prepare for your career presentations.


  1. You will introduce yourself and the job you want (using slide one of your slideshow)

  2. You will share how you are, hypothetically, prepared to start this job (using slide 2)

  3. You will share why you want this job by reading your quickwrite (using slide 7)

  4. Your panel will ask you two interview questions (you selected these, so use this time to consider and prepare your responses)


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