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21 October: Vocabulary Check & Intervention/ Extension


I can expand on our unit themes and use a variety of rhetorical strategies to craft a modern adaptation of one of our unit texts as a letter about a current or recent event of injustice (W 4)

Entry Task:

Log in to our Google Classroom to complete the vocabulary check-in. You will see your results immediately; return to your vocabulary list in your notebook and circle any of the words you missed to know where to focus before the quiz.

What’s Going On:

Today’s class time is our weekly intervention/extension time; choose between the following activities to work on for the remainder of our class time:

  • REQUIRED: Finish your Letter to Injustice planner (Google Classroom: week 8)

  • Work on missing/redo work

  • Complete comprehension minutes in Lexia (login to

  • Complete the extension writing by crafting a modern adaptation of one of our unit texts, imitating the author's rhetorical strategies and overall style using your Letter to Injustice planner

  • Complete an extension CommonLit reading (posted in Google Classroom: week 5)

  • Complete a rhetorical extension analysis (posted in Google Classroom: week 6)

Exit Task:

At the end of the day, complete the intervention/extension reflection for today’s participation points. Turn this into the bin at the front of the room.


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