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23 September: CommonLit: Danger of a Single Story


I can show my best reading skills by answering multiple choice and short answer questions for a short text in order to evaluate my reading abilities (CCSS RI 10).

Entry Task:

Log in to Skyward and view your current grade and consider your goal grade. Use the sticky note on your desk to make a list of any missing or redo assignments you could use to improve your grade.

What’s Going On:

Today we will return to CommonLit and Adichie’s TED Talk: Danger of a Single Story. Before you get started on your new assessment, we will go over some of the CommonLit tools and reading tips you can use to improve your scores as we continue to use CommonLit to assess your reading skills.

Although you have heard the TED Talk before, it is important you take your time to employ your annotation, close reading skills, and your new knowledge of theme to move through this reading assessment.


Once you have completed the CommonLit assessment, choose between the following activities to work on for the remainder of our class time:

At the end of the day, complete the intervention/extension reflection for today’s participation points.


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