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23 September: CommonLit Reading


I can show my best reading skills by answering multiple choice and short answer questions for a short text in order to evaluate my reading abilities (CCSS RI 10).

Entry Task:

If we have any makeup presentations, we will complete those today.

Grab your binder and turn to the CommonLit tools sheet included in the resources section of your notebook. Today you will complete your first reading assessment using the program, so keep in mind how you will use the tools and what we have discussed in class to show your best reading abilities.

What’s Going On:

Today we will use CommonLit to assess your reading skills. It is important you take your time to employ your close reading skills to move through this reading assessment, so use the guided reading questions to help you slow down and focus your reading. At the end of the article, be sure to move on to complete the assessment questions. Your score will be available as soon as you are done and entered into Skyward as an assessment grade. This will conclude our first unit in this course!

Exit Task:

Spend a few minutes cleaning up around you and consider checking your grade in Skyward. Progress reports will be sent home today, so please complete and submit any assignments you would like represented.


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