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24 October: Humanity Quickwrites & Genres Webquest


I can discuss and write to explore and record background knowledge and my current opinions on a topic before exploring it further through text exploration (CCSS 11-12 SL. 1 & W. 10).

Entry Task:

As you come in, grab your notebook, a new unit tab, and a unit vocabulary list. Add these to the back of your notebook to prepare for our new unit.

What’s Going On:

Today we will begin our next unit by starting our exploration of the unit essential question: What makes us human? We will explore this question by gathering your initial responses and summarizing alternate points of view using this presentation. We will end this portion of class with a quickwrite to explore what you believe makes us human. We will return to this throughout the unit and it will be an assessment of your writing conventions. Self-assess your writing using the rubric at the bottom and turn it in for feedback.

As we examine our unit question, we will focus on how it is explored in different genres of fiction. We will spend the rest of the day completing a Genre Webquest. Start the webquest document and be prepared to share your thoughts on the first question.

After sharing some thoughts as a class, you will have time to individually complete the webquest. Please notice: The final portion of the webquest includes extension questions.

Exit Task:

Be sure to press the turn in button and clean up around you.


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