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24 October: Invisibility- Introduction to Unit Themes


I can explore a variety of theme statements to prepare myself for deep, analytical reading of this unit’s texts (RL/RI 2).

Entry Task:

Grab your binder and a Vocabulary list 4 handout off the front table. Use your handout with this presentation to introduce Vocabulary list 4. Keep this sheet in the vocabulary section of your binder.

What’s Going On:

To prepare for our next unit, grab a new unit tab and a theme handout. Before we begin together, discuss with a classmate what makes people feel invisible (not literally). Consider your own personal opinions and experiences and visibility in various aspects of your life. Be prepared to share what you discussed.

We will then review the basics of theme with this presentation and explore two themes for our unit:

  • Invisibility: Because of our societal norms and values, we unfairly and systematically prevent those outside of the norm from being truly seen and valued, and this forces many groups of people to become invisible members of our society.

  • Acceptance: When we accept ourselves and others for our individual understanding of the world and for our differences, we will gain increased open-mindedness, and we will better understand everyone’s humanity.

You will explore the unit themes individually and as a group. After our independent work time, be prepared to share how you connected at least one of the images to our unit themes.

Exit Task:

Once you have completed your theme work, turn this into the bin and we will play a round of Blooket with our new vocabulary with any remaining time.


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