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25 October: Literary Elements & Structural Features


I can identify structural features and other literary elements in writing (L 3).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, prepare to play a round of Blooket to study vocabulary list 4.

What’s Going On:

To begin the focus of our new unit, we will examine a variety of literary devices. Much like the rhetorical devices we focused on in the last unit, these are structures authors use to create their style and share their messages. We will start together with a focus on sentence structures. Complete your notes by following along with the presentation and consider how different structures of sentences can impact your writing.

Once we are done going over the notes, use them to complete the knowledge check. Turn this into the bin and file the notes portion in your notebook behind the unit tab.

Then grab a literary elements tool sheet. Add these to the back of your notebook to use throughout our new unit. You will then work individually or with a partner to complete some literary elements practice questions using your tool sheet as needed.

Exit Task:

We will spend the last few minutes of class going over some of the answers to your practice questions. Make any needed corrections as we discuss and add your questions to your notebook behind our unit tab.


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