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26 September: Introduction to New Unit & Theme


I can explore a variety of theme statements to prepare myself for deep, analytical reading of this unit’s texts (RL/RI 2).

Entry Task:

Grab your binder and a Vocabulary list 1 handout off the front table. This week, we will begin our new unit and the process we will use to tackle vocabulary.

  • 50 Vocabulary words total (completed pre-assessment previously)

  • 10 focus words each week with a check-in questionnaire at the end of the week (assignment grade)

  • 20 words on each vocabulary quiz every 3 weeks (assessment grade)

Use your handout with this presentation to introduce Vocabulary list 1. Keep this sheet in the vocabulary section of your binder.

What’s Going On:

Today we will go over the basics of theme and introduce the themes of our new unit.

Grab a new unit tab and a packet off the front table. Once you are settled in your seat, discuss one of the following questions with a classmate sitting near you. Be prepared to share what you discussed.

  • What is the individual’s responsibility to society?

  • In what ways are all humans interconnected?

  • What motivates people to act in the best interest of others? Is it altruism* or self-interest?

*Altruism: the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others

These are questions we will be returning to frequently throughout our new unit.

Theme is a difficult concept that we will be covering and expanding on all throughout this course. Use your packet to follow along with this slideshow.

Once we overview the basics of theme, we will explore three themes for our unit:

  • Interconnectedness & Power: When individuals unify, they collectively have more power to achieve goals than they otherwise would if they were working to achieve them alone.

  • Justice, Resistance, & Rebellion: Rebelling against the norm and resisting what is unjust, is ultimately necessary to stand up for what is right, even if one is alone in the fight.

  • Altruism & Selflessness: To be truly altruistic, one must think beyond themselves and outside of themselves, responding to what is in the best interest of others even to their own detriment.

Exit Task:

After our independent work time, be prepared to share how you connected at least one of the images to our unit themes. Then separate your packet, place your theme notes into the resources section of your notebook, and turn your unit theme connections into the bin.


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