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29 September: TFA Chapters 4-6


I can explore Big Ideas throughout Things Fall Apart and read for comprehension and to pull textual evidence to explore the novel’s themes (RL 1/2). I can also begin to analyze tragic flaws and character foils.

Entry Task:

Please grab your binders and take out your TFA chapters 1-3 work we began yesterday. We will spend time together going over the summary for chapter 3 and the expectations for your quote connections.

Once we complete yesterday's work, grab a sheet off the front table and begin answering the practice quiz questions on the vocabulary we will come across in today’s reading. Be prepared to share your answers.

What’s Going On:

Today we will continue reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart by reading chapters 4-6. We will continue tracking Big Ideas throughout our reading of the novel and today’s reading will also focus on tragic flaws and character foils.

Exit Task:

If time remains in class, select a quote from today’s reading to make a thematic connection by answering in detail your final two questions.

We will have time to come back to today's work as needed.

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