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3 October: TFA Chapters 7-11


I can explore Big Ideas throughout Things Fall Apart and read for comprehension and pull textual evidence to explore the novel’s themes. I can also work with a small group to fill in gaps from my reading of the novel (RL ½ & SL 1).

Entry Task:

As you come into class prepare to play a round of Blooket with our unit vocabulary.

What’s Going On:

We will continue reading Things Fall Apart focusing on chapters 7-11; we will start together by reading chapter 7 and moving through the guided reading questions. You will then have time to select a quote from the chapter to make a thematic connection. Be prepared to share your ideas.

After completing chapter 7, we will then break apart to read different chapter summaries individually. You will be provided one chapter summary to be responsible for by reading and answering the chapter questions. You will then be placed into a group to share the details of your focus chapter; your group members will provide you with the details of the remaining chapters.

Exit Task:

Complete your work by selecting at least 1 of the pairs of Big ideas to discuss with your group using the prompts associated with each and complete your chart to support your responses using details from the book.


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