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4 January: Wearing a Hijab CCC


I can determine the central idea of both a text article and a video and explain how the author/speaker develops each and responds to conflicting viewpoints (RI 2 & 6)

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab a packet from the front table. Today we are focusing on a controversial topic, women wearing a hijab. We will begin together with a short TED Talk.

What’s Going On:

Spend the day continuing your packet by reading the two included articles and answering the questions.

Finish by writing a Claim Cite Clarify stating which argument regarding wearing a hijab is most convincing. Be aware: you are not writing about your personal views of hijab-wearing, so be sure you discuss the views shared within your selected text.

Self-assess your writing using the CCC Rubric.

Exit Task:

Turn your work into the bin and, if time permits, prepare to play a round of Blooket with our new vocabulary to end the day.


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