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4 October: TFA 12-13 & Part I Discussion


I can explore Big Ideas throughout Things Fall Apart and discuss in small groups and as a full class mature topics while making present-day connections to our novel (RL ½ & SL 1).

Entry Task:

Grab a sheet off the front table and begin reading the summary for chapter 12; then answer the chapter question. Be prepared to share.

What’s Going On:

Today we will finish part one of our novel, Things Fall Apart. After reading and discussing chapter 13 together, we will move on to a class discussion analyzing the character’s ideas regarding masculinity and how they compare to our society’s views and beliefs.

As we move into the class discussion, you have a sheet to take note of your personal responses to the questions and keep notes of ideas you hear from your classmates as we move through the presentation. You will be encouraged to share in thoughtful and mature ways throughout the discussion, keeping in mind the mature topics we are discussing.

Exit Task:

To end the day, have a conversation with 1-2 classmates around you about the final discussion questions. Select a member of your group to share some of your responses with the class as a whole.


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