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5 October: TFA Part I CCC


I can use feedback on my previous writing to improve my skills in writing complex claims while providing textual evidence and detailed explanations to support those claims (RL 2 & W 9).

Entry Task:

Today we will return to Claim, Cite, Clarify writing. You will get back your Achebe’s Purpose CCC, and together we will discuss common errors that were made during your first CCC. Then spend some time reading through your individual feedback and discussing tools to help you improve. At the top of your new CCC sheet, reflect on your CCC and feedback.

What’s Going On:

Before you write your next CCC, review the events of part one of Things Fall Apart using the EdPuzzle posted in Google Classroom. This will also count as a listening assessment, so focus and work independently.

After completing the EdPuzzle, use your reflection to write your next Claim Cite Clarify explaining how Things Fall Apart examines one of our focus Big Ideas.

Exit Task:

Reread your writing and use the rubric to self-assess your work before submitting it for feedback. This CCC is an assessment grade that can replace your previous score.


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