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6 October: TFA 14-19 (Independent Reading)


I can explore Big Ideas throughout Things Fall Apart and read for comprehension and to pull textual evidence to explore the novel’s themes (RL 1/2). I can also begin to analyze the novel’s tone and use of symbolism.

Entry Task:

As you come into class prepare to play a round of Blooket with our unit vocabulary. I will play with you today; anyone who beats me will earn extra credit!

What’s Going On:

Grab a sheet off the front table and begin answering the practice vocabulary questions on the words we will come across in today’s reading. Be prepared to share your answers.

Today we will begin part II of Things Fall Apart; however, today you will be responsible for reading and answering the guiding questions independently. You will have access to the summary of a selected chapter and the audio readings of the chapters if you would like to listen as you read along. Today’s reading guide is not optional and will be an assessment of your reading skills.

If you have not completed yesterday's EdPuzzle or CCC, start by completing this work and then move on.

Exit Task:

Find a good pausing point in your work today and submit anything you have completed. You will have more work time, if needed, tomorrow.


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