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7 November: Introduction to Greek Tragedy & Oedipus Part I


I can pull textual evidence to support my analysis of a text and read to understand the stylistic choices made by the author (RL 1 & 4).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab your binder and a notes sheet off the front table. Today we will take a few notes to overview our next focus genre: Greek Tragedy. We will discuss the influence Greek Tragedy has had on writers for thousands of years. Complete your Greek Tragedy notes by following along with the presentation.

What’s Going On:

After our notes, we will begin our next story: Oedipus the King-Part I. As we read, answer the questions on your sheet and consider how the story uses elements of our new focus genre.

Exit Task:

Spend the last few minutes adding details to your answers and asking any questions you may have about today’s reading. Keep this work clipped into the back of your notebook to use later.


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