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7 November: Term Reflection & Goal Setting


I can set myself up for success as we move into the second, and final, term of our course by finalizing any unit work and setting a term goal.

Entry Task:

As you come into class, grab your binder and a reflection sheet off the front table. Since today is officially the start of the new term, use your sheet to begin reflecting and setting some goals for yourself. You will need to access your detailed grade report for terms 1 and 2 to complete your reflection.

What’s Going On:

As you are filling out your reflection sheet, you will come across some score recordings for assignments within our new term. If you get to one of these and a zero is entered, pause your sheet and complete this assignment. Today will be your only in-class opportunity to make these up before we move on to the next portion of our unit. The assignments are also listed below:

  • CommonLit: Nobody (access by viewing your assignments on

  • At least one unit CCC: “The Joy of Reading & Writing: Superman & Me” or “Imitation”

Once you are done with the front of your sheet, come see me for a short conference and to receive your next tasks:

Exit Task:

In the last fifteen minutes of class, we will all complete the goal setting on the back of your reflection sheet. This sheet will be added as an assessment grade and will be your ticket out the door today.


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