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7 September: Career Search & Quickwrite


I can explore career options I may be interested in pursuing after high school through basic research and formal writing (W 4).

Entry Task:

As you come in, store all electronic devices. Then grab your binder, a new unit tab, and a Post-High School Exploration sheet off the front table. Add both of these new sheets to the back of your binder and begin working on your exploration sheet.

What’s Going On:

Today we will begin our first unit: Post-High School Exploration. In this unit, each of you will focus on one career you may be interested in pursuing after high school on which to complete research, create and present a formal presentation, and participate in a mock interview panel.

We will discuss the presentation component of this unit during a later class period; today you will select a focus career to complete a Life Career Card for and write about in a Why This Career Quickwrite. Together, we will overview the expectations and directions for your research and quickwrite, and then you will have individual work time to complete this on our Google Classroom.

Exit Task:

Once you submit your work using the turn-in button on Google Classroom, use any remaining time to finalize any of our introduction work and store your binders neatly on the shelf.


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